Friday, 15 March 2019

The upazila elections in March

The upazila elections in march

Shailkupa News:

"The Election Commission is planning the upazila elections in the scheduled period. Accordingly, the plot is scheduled to add happening this election in March, said EC Secretary Helaluddin Ahmad".

"He told this opinion though caution reporters at his office this afternoon. He said that "SSC" and "HSC" exams in April in February. As a consequences, we have era for the upazila elections in the month of March."

In the upazila elections in the month of March, the time of elections is better than all the time. So, the next day (24) Tariqi agreed to everyone's opinion about the general good of the upazila elections. So that we can work unitedly for the welfare of the country. The country's blacksmith, kumar tatti, fishermen, peasants, workers, businessmen, employers can win the rightful leader with their valuable votes.Let us say (10) The campaign can be run from March to upazila elections. Everyone is being invited to stay with us.

Various issues arose in different news about Shailkupa upazila elections. Various public meetings have emerged in various publications. And the social media has become very prominent. The law and order arrangements have been put forward.