Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Shailkupa Police Station closed the child marriage of the 8th grade student. Othman goni sir

Shailkupa Police Station closed the child marriage of the 8th grade student, Othman goni sir

Shailkupa News:

Today, on the basis of the marriage of the girl, on the day of the marriage of the girl, on Monday, from the morning of the girl's 
house, on the occasion of the yellow wedding, singing and eating ceremony of wedding song. The yellow sari, all the relatives of 
their families have come. At that time Shailkupa Police Station Officer Uthman Gani Sir got married in this marriage.

She is the 8th grade student of Maulana Secondary School in Shailkupa Police Station, Rumiya Khatun, age (11) years. She is the daughter of Md. Shariful Islam of Charmukuri village of Shailkupa Police Station. Md. Shariful Islam, who is married to such a young girl, could not accept the people of the area and could not say anything. So they secretly acted as the executive officer of 
Shailkupa Police Station. Othman Gani gave the news to Sir.Sir came to see this secret and stopped this marriage. The girl's father 
was fined (2) thousand taka due to her decision to marry at such a young age, and for the first time in marriage (18), she would 
marry her for marriage. Written is written.

Sir said that Jhenaidah Jera's Shailkupa Police Station sub-inspector Rumiar was supposed to be married. This marriage has been closed and the guardians of the son have been asked not to marry. If they disobey this prohibition, legal action will be taken against them. Sarai made everyone aware of not giving child marriage and highlighting its disadvantages.

Shailkupa Police Station Officer Md. Shailkupa ordered the release of the news. Othman goni sir. There are many opinions on this 
issue in social media Facebook.