Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Shailkupa Police Station Police arrested two youths on handmade.

Shailkupa Police Station Police arrested two youths on handmade.

Shailkupa News:

Shailkupa police station in Shilokupa Thanai (70-80) of Jhenidah district has arrested two Yaba businessmen including Pitch Yaba. On Tuesday morning, he was arrested from a shop adjacent to the project at Shilakupa Police Station, Dudhikar Ashra. Shailkupa Police Station went to the police station on secret grounds and (70-80) pitch Yaba along with two Yaba businesses were arrested. Those arrested have been identified as Jihan Miah, 26, son of Alam Mia of milker village of the thana.Another person is Anwar Mondal's son Ramjan Ali Mandal (25), of this milker village. They think they are students. But why they joined this Marotok yaba business, this has created a buzz around the people of the area. At such a young age, they have been involved in anti-social activities. Their families have their behavior For them, they are saying that they are wrong and will not do this in life. And if the victim is hunting and the law will leave them? Let's see what the law says.

If they make a mistake and get involved in this yaba business, then you have to get the punishment. So they filed a case  against  Shibulkupa Police Station under Narcotics Act against these two Yaba businessmen. Shailkupar Kachchu is saying many things against them and against them. This news has spread all over the Shailakupa news center. Many people have been making a lot of efforts in social media phasebook.

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