Wednesday, 3 April 2019

After long (15) years Shailakupa Thanai arrested for kidnapping and kidnapping fugitives.

After long (15) years Shailakupa Thanai arrested for kidnapping and kidnapping fugitives.

Shailkupa News:

Shilakupa police station in Jhenaidah district, sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in the murder case (14 years): Asma Begum long (15) years (7) months after arresting him on the ground of Bangladesh, Shailkupa Police Station Police arrested.

Asma Begum is the wife of Mohammad Zafar Sheikh of Kazi Para in Shailkupa municipal area. In this regard, Shikkupa police station (O,C) Kazi Md. Ayubur Rahman said on the basis of secret information, (14) Year-old escape fugitive convicted: Asma Begum has been staying in Dhaka from abroad today.To erase Asma Begum, Shailakupa Police Station (SI) Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman along with a female police force for Dhaka to arrest Asma Begum went to Dhaka. (2) Tangail raided the night on the night of Tangail in collaboration with the Badda thana of Dhaka. : Asma Begum is arrested.

After arrest, he was taken to Shailkupa police station on Tuesday (2) Tariq. He was sent to jail in Jhenaidah district on Wednesday (9). In 2004 (004), due to the family mortality of Shafiqupa municipal area, the son of his daughter, Mohammad Abir was killed: Asma Begum The child's son-in-law has been removed from the Shailkupa Police Station and filed a case in the name of Asma Begum. After the case was filed, Asma Begum disappeared secretly: Asma Begum fled abroad.While being absconding in the country, the court gave him an order of imprisonment for 14 years (302) according to the section.

This incident is going on in the face of all the people of Shailakupa thana of Jhenidah district. The neighbors have made very bad comments against him. Aloran was created with this topic in different news of Shailakupa.

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