Monday, 13 May 2019

In Ramadan, discuss some of the Quranic traditions.

In Ramadan, discuss some of the Quranic traditions.

Shailkupa News:

Abdul Karim bought a cloth and told the shopkeeper to pay the money after two days. He paid the amount in time. Nasim's friend Fahad came to Jessore from Dhaka on the way to hijackers on the bus at Faridpur intersection. When asked by the accused, he disclosed the money saved to him.

Mr. Nasir is a man of liberal and improved character. His infinite humility towards other creations. He also supplied the hungry to food, clothless. His friend Mr. Atiar worked as a computer operator in a company. One day he removed some of the important files he had in his computer from the computer. His cavalier officer took him by the hand and said, before this you have such complaints.

A young man aware of Zakir area In his area, there is a quarrel, fights and conflicts. He formed a committee to establish peace with some friends. Imam Saheb of the mosque of the Mahalla praised this work and said that the Prophet (S) had prepared a written constitution in his life, through which Islam and his superiority emerged.

Mr. Selim Sahib told an office assistant under his office to tell the story of a great man who was poor but was never greedy. After the marriage, the wife gives full responsibility to her business to husband and he owns a lot of wealth. This wealth is helpless, He used to spend his time in the service of the poor, poor and poor. He also said that in the case of true propaganda, that great man was a strong believer and obedient Was there.

Because of the disobedience of Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet (peace be on him) has destroyed the previous generations. Despite all this, he has been involved in all the activities. He is involved in various acts of indecency and sin. On the other hand, Mr. Afzal is extremely tolerant towards the poor and the poor and orphan.

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