Sunday, 26 May 2019

Rehabilitation of nabagram road in shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district,the everybody villager.

Rehabilitation of nabagram road in shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district,the everybody villager.

Shailkupa News:

The roads of Nabagram of Srutia Union of Sailakupa upazila of Jhenaidah district are highlights. It is not the road that seems to be the land of cultivation of rice cultivation. All the villagers, the students have stopped going to school due to the suffering. People of this village can not go to the market. They can not do any work because of the suffering.

There are approximately (1,500) people living in this village. In this village there are male voters (420) and women voters (370) like this. Because of this road violent condition, people of Nabagram have been suffering from long days.

Through this road, the entire village, including the people of other villages and the movement. The number of teachers, students and government and non-government employees is not less in this village, if the number of farmers, laborers and workers is high. About 300 students are studying at this village from Goalbariya Government Primary School and the big Mokuri Government Primary School, along with Katlagari Secondary School and Katalagari Girls' Secondary School and Maulana Secondary School and Katalagari Degree College.

But in the last one week, due to heavy rainfall, the result is a result. There is only one road in this village, full (2) km: big holes have been created across the road and dirty water has become a mud. This is the reason for the general public and students of the village The way they can not get out of their daily work. Students are not allowed to go to school and college. Studying is going to be a major obstacle.

In the current rainy season, villagers have been suffering due to the road construction work in the name of road reforms a few days ago. The sound of development around and the Katalogari Nabagram museum in Shailkupa upazila of Jhenaidah district remained the same as night. There is no infrastructural development in this village. Representatives often say that the road is ripe. But no one has talked with him. So all the people of this village have the same reason to make the road ripe for the road.

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