Thursday, 30 May 2019

Renewable chairman and vice chairmen of shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district.

Renewable chairman and vice chairmen of shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district.

Shailkupa News:

In the Upazila Parishad elections held in Shailkupa district of Jhenaidah district, one seat of the elected chairman and Vice-Chairman was welcomed with flower trousers and farewell ceremony held in favor of the former Chairman And there was a huge discussion meeting with the chairman of all the Union Parishads Is. The program and discussion took place on the conference room of the Upazila on Wednesday (12).

The program was run in the chairmanship of Mr. Usman Gony Sir, Executive Officer of Shailkupa Upazila of Jhenaidah district Presidency over as chief guest, Jhenaidah district Awami League president and member of Shailkupa constituency, Bir Uttam Freedom Fighter Shailkupa Upazila, Hankar Garib, the leader of the miserable people. Abdul Hai.

The Chief Guest said in his speech, "We all work unitedly and want to improve Shailkupa district of Jhenaidah district. We are working for the people of Shailkupa to live happily and peacefully.If you have been with us, then Sarailkupa We will be able to raise the upazila. Ifas are the people of the people, the people will stay with them. I need to work on our psyche captures oganake.

Besides, Shailkupa Upazila Awami League president and newly elected Chairman of the District Mohammad Shikdar Mosharraf Hossain also spoke on the occasion and expressed his sympathy. And expressed solidarity with them all together. And also spoke on the occasion and President of Krishik League of Shailkupa Upazila and newly elected Vice-Chairman Mohammad Zahidunnabi Kali and newly elected female Vice Chairman Moksh Nilufa Yasmin.

Assistant Commissioner Md. Iftekhar Yunus and Agriculture Officer Sanjay Kumar and former freedom fighter Commander of Shailkupa Upazila, Md Monwar Hossain attended the ceremony. Apart from this, the government officials, employees, police, all union councils and people of various departments are also present.

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