Saturday, 4 May 2019

Some good things about Islam and moral education.

Some good things about Islam and moral education.

Shailkupa News:

Masum was talking about this beautiful world with his uncle, whose direction was being conducted in a disciplined manner. He asked the question, why is so troubled in the book? Mama said, the people are not following the rules of God, so much so that the unrest is so uncomfortable. Mama also said, "We must admit Allah Almighty as an eternal and eternal one."

Sharif and Praveen are two friends. Sharif rules the rules of Islam as usual. One is worshiping Allah alone. Praise is completely indifferent about this. He commented on the creator and the different dishes about creation. One day Sharif tells his friend Prafula that if every one of us has to die and does not follow the Islamic rules, then there will be difficult peace in the next life.

Malihah heard the Quran reciting the Qur'an, and she said, to purify your recitation, she would buy a book for the girl. Recognizing the rules of the Quran, Malihah soon learned the recitation of al-Qur'an.

Mr. Rakib is praying to show people. Does not behave well with the neighbor. The little things that are not needed for the household are not given to others. On the other hand, Mr. Zahid thinks that there is a lot of relief in the trouble. Therefore, whenever there is time, there is a period of worship and focus on his Lord.

Abdus Salam is a big businessman. In spite of hundreds of occasions, go to the mosque in time and earn the respective worship properly. Mr. Alam Sahib sometimes go to different toilets for praying.

Mr. Masum distributes resources from 16 lakhs to 40 thousand rupees to the poor and poor people by calculating the wealth in a special dignified month every year. His younger brother, Maruf Sahib, distributed the amount of money only in his preferred people at the end of the year for establishing a society.

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