Monday, 3 June 2019

Smart of national identity card will be distributed in shailkupa upazila of jhenidah district.

Smart of national identity card will be distributed in shailkupa upazila of jhenidah district.

Shailkupa News:

Smart card distribution is going to start the national identity card of Shailkupa thani of Jhenaidah district as well as throughout Bangladesh. It is known from the election office of Shailkupa upazila of Jhenaidah district, on Monday, 19/5/2011 (50) people will be given the National Identity Card Smart Card and will be inaugurated. And the next day on Tuesday 20/5/2019, all those who are in the voters list will start issuing the national (ID) card smart card.

On the first two days ie 20/5/2016 Tuesday and 21/5/019 Wednesday, only the national identity card for the people of the city will be distributed smart card Shailkupa Degree College ground. After the morning (9) (12) till the women and after 1 hour interval (1) to (4) up to date (male) voters will be given the identity card smart card till the scheduled date.

Then gradually the smart card distribution process will be issued to every Union Parishad in every Union Parishad of Shailkupa. Union citizens can collect the national (ID) card from the Union Parishad To collect this smart (ID) card, every person should bring the old national identity card and submit it. Will be Each person has 10 fingerprints and eye reflections. The card will not be given to anyone.Every union council will be given the national identity card smart card at different dates. Shailkupa Election Office has requested to visit the old national identity card in every center on the scheduled date. This distribution program will start from 20/5/2019 and start till 28/5/2013.

The Bangladesh Election Commission (NID) presented the National ID card on October 2016. This smart card is connected to an intriguing circuit (IC), which is known as chip card. National (ID) card can be read by the smart card. There the information of a citizen will be protected.

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