Monday, 22 July 2019

Midnight roller continued to repair the road, DC of jhenaidah district.

Midnight roller continued to repair the road, DC of jhenaidah district.

Shailkupa News:

When the clock rang (12) at 6pm, the city's post office was seen at the post office. Keeping the road repaired and moving. Md. Saidul Karim Mintu, the Mayor of Jhenaidah assisted in this work. Jhenaidah was seen in the middle of the night in front of a post office diversion and suite hotel in downtown Jhenaidah and to repair road work at a girl's secondary school.

A crowd of hundreds, hundreds of people returned home at midnight to watch the scene of the deputy commissioner (D C) and Pourmeier. At night (12) to 6am, they repair the road's inaccessible roads and then they return home. At that time, a rickshaw driver said that the city's roads have been vandalized for a long time, but nobody fixes it.But at midnight (DC) Sir and Pourmeier Sahib were surprised to see that the road was being fixed by rolling in their hands. He said that the work of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) and the municipality in the public interest as a driver and helper of the roller was exceptional.

On the issue, the mayor of the municipality, Md. Saidul Karim Mintu, said that this important road of the road department has been called for repairing for six months. But the road engineers did not do the road work because of lack of interest in the work. On the request of Deputy Commissioner Saroj Kumar Nath, the goods and workers of Jhenaidah municipality were repaired and made eligible for the road. Many poor laborers of the municipality voluntarily labored to make the road overnight.

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