Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Flowers greet new (u,n,o) flowers in shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district.

Flowers greet new (u,n,o) flowers in shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district.

Shailkupa News:

The new executive officer of Shailkupa upazila of Jhenaidah district greeted Md. Saiful Islam with a rush flower on behalf of the social organization and the Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development.The Executive Officer of the Upazila was greeted at around 8 am on Monday.

Wishing the success of the new (U,N,O) social organizations and continuous development Bangladesh at this time, he said, May Allah bless this organization so that through their humanitarian work every human being can bring prosperity and love and good reputation to the people of the country.I joined the Shailkupa upazila so everyone wants love and ease.Shailkupa Bashi's happiness, sadly, I can be beside everyone in danger.Overall, I can improve from better to better.May God give me that tufik.

He also said that I could do my duty honestly.Soon I will arrange an interview meeting with people of all occupations of Shailkupa Upazila.All matters of Shailkupa upazila will be discussed there.The words are for life and people are for people so we will all help as much as we can.

During the exchange of flowers, Vice President of Social Organization and Sustainable Development Bangladesh Md. Mehdi Hassan Asik, General Secretary Md Nur Alam Jiku, Finance Secretary Md Shakil Ahmed Swapan, Secretary of Planning Md Al-Amin Sheikh were present.

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