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Social News: Family of freedom fighter sued under pronography law in shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district.

Social News: Family of freedom fighter sued under pronography law in shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district.

Social shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district in Family of freedom fighter sued under pronography law News
Family of freedom fighter 
The freedom fighter of Shailkupa upazila is in danger of being sued under pornography law for his honor and saving his life.The case has been over three months but the police of Shailkupa police have not been able to arrest the accused.
Police have arrested the accused when he went to the village to arrest the accused and did not arrest the accused.

Rezaiah Khatun, grandson of freedom fighter Izhar Ali Mondal in a press conference at Shailkupa upazila at around 10am on Tuesday, complained in his written statement that his father had married his son, Mohammad Inashan Kabir, of the same village.Her husband Md Inashan Kabir left the country for the past two years. 

Since the death of Mohammad Inashan Kabir overseas, his father-in-law's family continued to pressure him not to have relations with Rabia Khatun's unclean family.At one point, Ms Inashan Kabir's family members threatened Rabia Khatun to leave her father's house.In this situation, Mohammad Yunus Ali, son of Md. Abdur Rashid, son of Rabia Begum, was beaten by him.

Mohammad Inashan kicked Kabir and his family out of his house last month.Rabia Begum, in care, took shelter in her poor father's house.After being expelled from his father-in-law's house, Rabiya Bhasur's son, Md Yunus Ali, computerized with a naked image of a woman with a picture of Rabia Begum and distributed it to various people in the village.His family could not find any remedy for this, but more disgrace was reported to the villagers.

 Social News: Family of freedom fighter sued under pronography law in shailkupa upazila of jhenaidah district.

In this situation, no one beside the helpless poor family, Rabia Begum herself filed a lawsuit under Shailekupa Police Station under the Act of Pornography.Case No: - 11/170. The main accused in the case is his elder son Md Yunus Ali.

Because of this lawsuit, Rabia is threatening Begum and her family with various threats and threats to take the case.He also alleged that he was threatening various kinds of harm and destruction.

This is not the end of the matter, because the defendant's family finances,The driver of the freedom fighter, Mohammad Rabiul Islam, was forced to flee the house and flee.As the father of Md Yunus Ali, an influential political leader and member of the upazila, has become desperate for the financial and political influence of Rabia Begum's family without village.

He also complained at the press conference.Even the main accused has been conducting various operations by some local political leaders and brokers to hide his elder son Md Yunus Ali.Shailkupa Police Station has no immediate urge to file a case in the hope of getting justice.There have been many previous cases in which the nature of the accused was disclosed.

He outraged 4 other girls in the area and posted obscene pictures and posted them on social media Facebook.The villagers know that the arbitration meeting was held several times in the area with a large sum of money.Poor freedom fighters are wandering in the gates of various palaces, including the administration, in hopes of getting justice.

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