Saturday, 26 October 2019

Social news: Shailkupa Upazila protests against the girl's father

Social news: Shailkupa Upazila protests against the girl's father

Sheikhpara Rahatan Neesha Girls School and College student of Shailkupa upazila of Jhenaidah district has been evacuating in a talk.In this incident, the father of the student who was studying at Sheikhpura Rahatan Neesha Girls School and College protested and beat her and her family.The girl's father was injured and is receiving first aid at Shailkupa Sadar Hospital.The incident took place in Tribeni village of Shailkupa upazila.

It is learned that Tama Thaatun, an inter-second year student of Sheikhpura Rahatan Neesha Girls School and College, left the house on Monday morning for the examination.During this time, the boy Mohin Hossain tried to defraud his neighbor, Rakhid Mollah, on the way.At one point he grabbed the bag from his hand and threw it away and hit a lot of sticks.Mohit Hossain ran away from the crowd and ran away.Then Tama Khatun, a college student, returned home crying and reported all the incidents to her family.The daughter's father, Mosharraf Hossain, made the complaint to the family.On the afternoon of the allegations, Musharraf Hossain was ambushed by a number of assailants, including Mohin Hossain and his cousins, on the way back to his home.

College student Tama Khatun said, because of Mohit Hossain, he could not go to college for long.As soon as he leaves the house, he blocks the path and offers love and mischief and threatens to withdraw.Tama Khatun's father, Mosharraf Hossain, said after telling the family of Mohin Hossain many times in Bakht and they did not take any action.

Shailkupa Police Station Officer-in-Charge Bazlur Rahman said the administration is active enough to prevent and prevent evading.Necessary action will be taken if written complaint is received.He is Mohin Haque and as the son of the leader, he will be punished in the parable.The incident has started in the Shailakupa upazila.And on social media Facebook and different people are making different comments.

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